Omg guys don’t follow this blog. I don’t want to use this blog anymore. I tried deactivating it, but it wont let me. My new blog is

I want to delete this blog, but like it wont let me…
my new blog is


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As I was trying to take a picture of the colors in the sunset while in a moving car(don’t worry, I wasn’t driving), I didn’t realize the effect it would have on the picture or that another car would be captured in motion in that exact moment. I wonder where they were going, did i capture them in a moment of happiness?, who was in the car, and will they ever have any other strange connection in my life besides just being the people in the car who got caught in my photo.
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Slide your finger across the GIF & you can manually open & close the fridge
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Drunk and lonely, even though I’m surrounded by friends ugh
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